SOME NEWS ABOUT OUR PLANS FOR THE FALL – On a trial basis, we anticipate making our 9:30 AM worship time permanent and holding our Christian Ed. program after worship instead of before. We will review how things are going mid-way through our church year and make a decision about continuing it. Because there is much to plan, the start of our Christian Ed program will be October 3, 2021 instead of the second Sunday in September.

PASTOR DAVE’S SABBATICAL – Churches in the Albany Classis of the Reformed Church in America are required to provide their Pastors a three-month Sabbatical after every 7 years of service at a church. Pastor Dave’s Sabbatical was due in 2020 but it was postponed for a variety of reasons. After dealing with a pandemic for the past year, Pastor Dave and our Consistory agreed this summer would be a good time to reschedule his
sabbatical, although study opportunities will be limited, thanks to the pandemic. It will take place from May 31, 2021 through August 29, 2021. During that time, the church has covenanted with Rev. Peggy Funderburke to cover leading worship and pastoral care needs. Pastor Barbara will also continue to be available for Pastoral Care needs. Pastor Peggy is an RCA Minister of Word and Sacrament and a member of the Albany Classis. She recently retired from serving Bethany Reformed Church in Albany. We are all very grateful Pastor Peggy will be here to provide coverage during Pastor Dave’s time away.

BAPTISMS, FUNERALS, AND WEDDINGS – Due to continuing concerns about Covid-19, inhouse funerals and weddings over the summer months will be decided on a case-by-case basis. Baptisms will be considered upon Pastor Dave’s return from Sabbatical.

SANCTUARY FLOWERS – As we resume in-person worship, flowers may again be donated for the front of the sanctuary. The cost is $40 for two arrangements. A sign-up sheet can be found on the glass cabinet in the sanctuary lobby or you can contact the church to make arrangements (518-477-6030, Please take them homewith you following worship since, at this time, we cannot bring them to nursing homes or homebound due to Covid-19 concerns.

SUNSHINE DAY NURSERY IS OPEN! – Please pass the word that there are openings for children in need of childcare. Please call 518-477-4156 for more information.