Christian Education

GRC NURSERY – We welcome young children (under 3 years of age) to use our nursery during worship.
Every family who leaves a child in the nursery is required to take a pager in case of an emergency and/or
they need to be contacted to tend to their child (such as for a diaper change).

CHRISTIAN ED PROGRAM – Our Christian Ed program will be from 10:45 AM through 11:30 AM at the Christian Ed Building.  Three classes will be offered: Pre-school/Elementary School Age; Upper Elementary School Age; and Middle School.  This year we will be adding something new.  On the first Sunday of the month, instead of going to their classrooms at the CEB, the children will meet for a short time with our Music Director, Justan Foster, in the choir room to learn and practice songs.  Periodically they will present these songs during worship.

A class for adults will also be offered during the Christian Ed time at the conference table in the church lounge.  We will be studying the book ‘Acts’ using a study authored by Matthew L. Skinner.  We will explore a variety of themes that emerge in the book of Acts that ignite our imaginations about the character of the Christian message, the work of God’s people (the church), and the challenges of living faithfully in a complex and challenging world.  Everyone is welcome! 

GODLY PLAY AND CHILDREN AND WORSHIP PROGRAMS – These programs will meet following the children’s message during worship on most Sundays except the first Sunday of the month.