GRC 2023 MISSION FUND DISBURSEMENTS: Concerns-U ($500); Camp Fowler ($1,000); Doors of Hope ($500); Capital City Rescue Mission ($1,200); Sunshine Day Nursery Scholarship Fund ($500); Sunshine Day Nursery tuition assistance for teachers ($2,000); RCA Missionary Joshua Vis, Project Peace Missionary ($3,500); Eastern Door Counseling Center ($1,000); Earthquake Relief (World Food Program ($893) and Doctors without borders ($892).  Total-$11,985.00.   (Above figures do not include scholarships provided to Camp Fowler participants and others, non-monetary donations made to Concerns U and Doors of Hope, and gifts provided to those in need from the Pastor’s Discretionary Fund.)   THANK YOU FOR MAKING THESE DONATIONS POSSIBLE!

SPECIAL DONATION ENVELOPE REMINDER: Mission Fund-October 1, 2023; Classis Assessment-October 22, 2023; Debt Reduction/Capital Improvement-September 17, 2023; Scholarship Fund-October 8, 2023.

DUE DATE TO REFILL HANNNAFORD GIFT CARDS IS OCTOBER 1st, 2023. If you are planning to refill your Hannaford Gift Card, please place your order in the offering plate or mail to Greenbush Reformed Church, PO Box 460, East Greenbush, NY 12061. New gift cards are also available for purchase. Please contact the church for more information.